Spellbound by Spoonbills

Flocks of spoonbills soar overhead, their soft pink hues a gentle contrast against the Crayola cornsilk-blue sky. Lying down onto my IMG_7444back to get a better view, I think to myself, where do they go? I tend to become a bit obsessed with things, and so it is with the spoonbills. Each time I see a flock, I follow it as far as my eyes can reach to see where they land. I post on various Facebook sites asking where I might find the spoonbills. Each lagoon I drive past, I crane my neck to see if they are there.

ImageLast night the spoonbills found me. It was a tropical rainy day in Cozumel and I had been stuck inside all day. As evening fell, the rain subsided and the red and orange sky beckoned me outside. With a cup of hot tea in my hand and my daughter, Kailea, in tow, I made my way down to the dock to watch the schools of fish come to the surface to eat. And there they were, two spoonbills, in my own backyard peacefully sifting through the tidepools. We followed after them, treading lightly on our bare feet over the coral reef. We lingered well after sunset, studying their graceful way of dipping their bills into the water foraging for food.

The pesky mosquitos were doing their best to drive us inside. but as we made our way back to the beach, Eric was there waiting on the IMG_7472dock. Kailea ran out to meet him and together they jumped into the ocean. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, a heron alighted 2 feet in front of us.

Just Another Moment In Paradise # 9

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