A Living Mosaic

IMAG0662 2When I see a flock of seagulls sitting on the beach I can’t help but run at full speed straight into the center of them. My heart soars with joy as I watch hundreds of birds take to the sky. I smile and think to myself, I have such power. While there are no flocks of seagulls that I have found in Cozumel, there are schools of fish. PICT0013Hundreds if not thousands of streamlined, silver fish group together under the sea. PICT0005I fill my lungs with the fresh, salt air, hold my breath and plunge deep to swim through them. It is like the Red Sea parting. In perfect symmetry the fish veer to the right and left – a living mosaic.

3 thoughts on “A Living Mosaic

  1. Hello, we live in Belize now since 2012. I have a few questions for you. I was looking at Mexico with interest. My name is Francie. Can I email you?

  2. The last time I was in Cozumel, I went snorkeling. I reached toward a piece of cement put down for fish to explore and one little one bit me! It was a first in many years of snorkeling. Lol.

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