The Watering Hole

IMG_8754As a child, my favorite idiom was, “I am so bored!” Even now as an adult, I sometimes find myself saying, “Estoy muy aburrido!” I presume it is just my nature, a curse (or blessing) I was born with. Now when I feel edgy and unsettled, I seek out adventure. Yesterday, I brought my friend and fellow photographer, Linda Choate, to the other side of the island to take in, and record, this grand scene. A herd of horses posed in the lagoon, as ducks, herons and migratory birds soared overhead. A baby armadillo ran under our car and hid in the bush, and just as we were about to pull away, we saw a crocodile circling the center of the lagoon, claiming it as his own. This scene doesn’t always exist on Cozumel. In fact, it is the only time I have witnessed horses in the lagoon in the year-and-a- half that I have lived here. Throughout the year the lagoon is dry. What amazing beauty is brought about by rain!

IMG_8748 IMG_8768 IMG_8705 IMG_8701

3 thoughts on “The Watering Hole

  1. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing!
    We just returned from a first time visit to Cozumel and fell in love! We live in Merida in the Yucatan and been here for 5 years. We rented scooters on Cozumel and went to the Punto Sur. Beautiful! Saw 2 crocodiles in the wild and numerous bird species. Looking forward to going back to do more exploring!

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