Finding My Moment

I’m grumpy. I’ve been behind the computer too much. The blinking cursor mocks me.  I have a new book coming out and I have been spending too much time marketing it for its deput, “Sun, Sand & Surf – The Ultimate Guide To Orange County Beaches” has been keeping me at my desk. “What am I doing? I certainly didn’t move to a tropical island to sit inside at a desk.”

This morning rather then sit down, with a cup of coffee, behind my computer – as is my usual ritual, I grabbed my camera, hopped on my cherried out, mountain bike and joined the noise of the street.

On the beach I found two perfect subjects, an egret and a heron.IMG_4568_1

They scour the tide pools in search of fish. Keeping to the shadows they creep, craning their neck froward to propel their bodies along. The egret is angry, he puffs Angry Birdup the feathers on his head, screeching at the heron to get out of his pool. It’s intriguing to watch the exchange.

The rain is coming. I hop back on my bike and pump my legs like crazy trying to beat the impending downpour. I’m too late. My hair is wet. My clothes are soaked through. And I am happy. I learn that sometimes you need to take a break from what you are doing, and no matter where you live, go find your moment in paradise.

3 thoughts on “Finding My Moment

  1. GREAT Blog !!!!
    You are an AMAZING WRITER Gia Lucy and Photographer too !
    Looking forward to more and I love your SAN DIEGO Beach Book.
    SAN DIEGO Sandy

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